In Make Success Happen, author Debbie Fliehman, accelerates your journey along a marketing plan learning curve. Make Success Happen provides actionable steps andspecific examples. 
"I had the pleasure of being in your workshop at the Great Lakes Women's Business Conference last week. Thank you for the wonderful marketing steps to make success  happen. It really got me fired up. You were very engaging and fun to listen to."
Debbie Fliehman conducted a workshop at the Great Lakes Women's Business Conference Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan.
The energy in the room with over 100 attendees was positive and enthusiastic!
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Debbie Fliehman was asked to meet and review, in Chicago, the Boulevard Artists select membership of high-powered, seasoned, and elite photographers representing all corners of North America. Their ability to capture the many remarkable essences of people, places and things is unparalled. Their artistic storytelling and global experience encapsulating messaging in all industries using a camera is breathtaking. 
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Make Success Happen – Seven Steps to Developing a Marketing Plan
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