In Make Success Happen, Deborah Galiffa Fliehman, marketing expert, accelerates your journey along a marketing plan learning curve. Unlike many business books, Make Success Happen provides concrete, actional steps and specific examples.
Through her seven step process, you will learn how to:
  • organize a team
  • develop purpose statements
  • create a corporate identity
  • identify customer opportunities
  • select marketing activities
  • prepare a budget, and
  • implement and evaluate your marketing plan.
Make Success Happen
Seven Steps to Developing a Marketing Plan


Fliehman shares her extensive knowledge and experience in marketing communication; advertising; sales promotion; public relations; conventions, tradeshows, and special events; public speaking; management consulting; strategic planning; publications; training and education; audio and video production; and budgeting.
Through the management of Creative Technical Resources, her book, workshops, and speaking engagements, Fliehman shares her marketing expertise and insights with others.
As a bonus, Fliehman has included a chapter on how to build a graphic standards manual.

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