We write, ghost-write and edit for everything and anything: printed materials,
displays, promotions, press releases, scripts for speeches, presentations, videos,
sales training, education programs, white papers, articles, reports, websites,
books, etc.  We approach writing and editing in many ways depending upon the need.  We can create, where we come up with the idea, the scope, the tone and the structure in order to produce a complete piece of content.  We can edit where we are given a piece of content and we refine the writer’s effort, helping that individual to achieve the goal he or she is trying to attain. This assistance varies from minor to total rewriting.  It is always in response to the initial piece submitted. Our goal to complete the creative process while taking great care to amend the piece with consistency, while thoroughly evaluating, polishing and recrafting the piece to make it the best possible.  Our process is to add appropriate and descriptive words, reconfigure descriptions, rebuild phrases, clauses, sentences and paragraphs.  We take great pride in either creating an exciting piece or enhancing the original writer’s efforts. We follow rules and conventions ranging in complexity from comma placement to narrative organization.  We take being entrusted with your communication very seriously. 

Here are examples of articles and topics covered for corporate clients:

Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Wheel and Axle Fasteners
  • Automotive Fasteners
  • Plastics and Composites
  • Global Supplier Portfolio Management
  • Global Supplier Sustainability Program
  • Barry MacLean Family Legacy Feature Magazine Article
  • Strategic Sourcing Promotional Program
  • “Formal Training Program Produces World Class Purchasing Professionals”
  • “Five Proven Steps to Developing Your Purchasing Department's Ethics Program”
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Corporate Ethics Training
  • Quality Leadership Process Seminar, Strategic Planning Seminar, Operating Review (Turn-Around Time), Capital Planning Seminar, Logistics/Materials Management
  • Meeting Customer Requirements Participant's Guide and Facilitator Guide
  • Waste Prevention –The Ten Wastes Facilitator's Guide
  • The Quality Leadership Process: A Commitment to Meeting Requirements
  • Cost of Quality – Laying the Cornerstone
  • Customer Driven Quality Participant Guide
  • Corporate Timelines
  • Corporate Marketing Identity Guides
  • Corporate Consulting Programs
  • Plant Manager's Handbook for Continuous Improvement
  • Total Employee Involvement – Planning for Quality Leadership – Interview Guide
  • Team Problem Solving Instructor Guide and Student Guide
  • Corporate Executive Inventory Personal Assessment Questionnaire
  • Safety Incentive Program
  • Chemical Waste Management: Customer Value Process Proposal for Account Manager's Use
  • Customer Value Process Account Manager's Workbook; Hiring, Compensation and Career Path
  • Identity Plan Recommendations
  • Soft Drink Company – North America Culture Survey
  • Marketing and Communications Proposals
  • Automated Distribution Systems ATC 212 System
Healthcare and Related
  • “Inherent Risks in Pharmacy Compounding When Starting from Powder Instead of with FDA Approved Sterile Vials”
  • Oncology Diagnostics and Treatments
  • “The Nurse Educator: An Essential Component of an Effective Pre-ESRD Program”
  • “The National Pre-ESRD Education Initiative: Preliminary Results”
  • “White Particulate Matter: Ad Hoc Group/Industry Review Group”
  • “Meeting a Complex Challenge: Case studies describe successful models of coordinated care for patients with end-stage renal disease”
  • “A Model for Managing Highly Complex, Expensive Diseases”
  • “Disease Management: An Overview”
  • “Initial Experience of Nephrologist Operated Vascular Access Center”
  • “Salvage of Occluded Autologous Arteriovenous Fistulae: Successful Use of Thrombolytics and Balloon Angioplasty in a Nephrology-Run Outpatient Setting”
  • “Frequent Failure Patients in Hemodialysis Access Thrombosis — An Ongoing Problem”
  • Options in Renal Therapy Slide Presentation and Resources Guide
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Cases- Applications in Renal Therapy
  • Applications to Renal Therapy Participant Workbook
  • CQI Applications to Renal Therapy Peritonitis Management Utilizing Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Manager's Guide to Successful Implementation – Options in Renal Therapy
  • Slide Presentation Resources Guide – Options in Renal Therapy
  • The Gold Standard in Renal Therapy
  • Understanding Treatment Options for Renal Therapy Hemodialysis Access System Presentation Flipfolio and Training Manual
  • Homecare – Patient Education Selection Manual
  • Nursing Process Education Program Facilitator Guide
  • Patient education pieces on the topics of diabetes, congestive heart failure and hypertension
  • Poster Sessions on:
    • – Disease Management and Its Ability to Improve Outcomes
    • – The Importance of Information Management in Disease Management
Our subject matter experience includes:
  • Development and implementation of an interpersonal development system
  • Quality process development and implementation
  • Training for hospital administrators, medical professionals, and sales reps on:
    • – Medical waste management
    • – Nursing documentation
    • – Aseptic technique in the pharmacy
    • – Products and services
    • – Quality process implementation for product and service businesses
Customer Retention through Quality Leadership - The Baxter Approach, ISBN 0-87389-153-8.
Newspaper columnist for “Marketing Savvy” - Illinois Stateline Business Monthly.

Online and Printed Surveys
We design and develop printed and online surveys to capture trends, collect data, or assess
client, supplier or employee satisfaction. You'll receive a report with results and graphics.

  • Identify required information for collection
  • Define the audience
  • Develop questions
  • Design and administer the survey
  • Collect and analyze data, and prepare a final report of the results