We design custom training and education programs for team members, customers and suppliers. Our work will result in a program helps you achieve desired results.  We work closely with you to:

•   Define needs
•   Identify goals and objectives
•   Develop curriculum
•   Write, design and produce materials such as pre- and post-tests, exercises and quizzes
•   Facilitate train-the-trainer sessions
•   Plan for implementation
•   Coordinate the program
If you have a training program, we will work with you or your expert on the subject to develop a learning environment where knowledge sharing is integral.  We will embed coaching, mentoring, performance consulting and hands-on activities. We will focus on behavioral learning, drill, repetition, and feedback.  We can work with complex subjects and simplify them for training purposes while still maintaining their meaning.  We strive to engage the audience with examples, and clever stories.  We strive to keep lecture and reading to a minimum.  We can develop education programs to facilitate learning which includes storytelling, discussion, teaching, training and research.  Education programs can be developed to have a facilitator, or we can develop a self-education program.  Whether in a formal or informal setting, we will strive to develop a curriculum that impacts the way participants think, feel, and act.