Our customers realize that our development and distribution of press releases for them are effective communication tools. They enable businesses to share newsworthy information through the media either alone or in combination with other communication tools. Press releases help increase awareness, gain exposure, establish a presence, promote new services/products, make a statement, or take a stance. Through a press release, new technologies/innovations can be announced, and multicultural or selected audiences can be communicated with directly. Whether we deliver news to a comprehensive U.S. media circuit, thousands of websites and investors, as well as connect with internet searchers. We can help ensure that your image (logo or photo) displays alongside your news release. We have even had our customers prominently displayed on the Reuters Sign in Times Square.
We will create a compelling story for you using your video, audio, photos, documents or logos to get you noticed. We will combine your news release, images and downloadable materials in a social media enabled HTML platform. We're ready to help you take your news to another level.