Presentations and Workshops

Debbie is available for consultation on upcoming projects or programs and to present to small and large groups on a variety of topics, facilitate multi-day workshops and customize her standard presentations and workshops to meet audience needs:
1.  Develop a Marketing Plan that Works - defining and identifying marketing and business objectives, goals, tools and techniques, resources, timelines, measurement and budgeting facilitates the development and implementation of a results-producing and cost-efficient marketing effort.
2.  Create Your Footprint for the Future - utilizing marketing communication skills and introspective discipline enables you to market yourself to yourself and others by redefining perceptions and making positive changes in a job or situation.
3.  Invigorate Your Workplace - enhancing marketing communications, heightening creativity, and strengthening teamwork helps to encourage a work environment that facilitates necessary changes that result in a corporate culture that nurtures confident and positive personal interactions.